Raleigh, North Carolina
Not resolved

I normally use a debit card if I shop at Food Lion but my Debit Card was compromised and cancelled. I am still waiting for it to be replaced so I have to resort to a check.

True, I have not used a check with anyone for a long time where it has involved Telecheck. The check was declined, no drivers license was asked for, I stood there and contacted my bank. There was money in my account. Meanwhile my groceries were being reposessed and I'm standing there looking like I've just tried to scam the store.

I did file a claim with the Raleigh PD with regard to the problems with my debit card and my bank has credited me with the attempted fraudulent charges. I called the number printed on the back of the denied check and all I got was a computer asking me to enter routing codes/account numbers/check numbers.

There was a statement to the effect that because my check was denied it did not mean I had a bad check or that there was no money in my account. However, they denied it because of some profiling system they use.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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