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went to best buy to make a purchase and wrote a check. the clerk used the telecheck system and it rejected the check and furnished a transaction number and a number to call for more information.

i called the bank first and verified the account was good and not ID hijacked or some other anomoly and was informed it was the telecheck service that was the problem because the account was fine. i called telecheck and was told it was rejected because of lack of check writing history. i informed the lady i have had the account for 19 years and never a bad check. she said i had only written checks to telecheck subscribing merchants 3 times in the last year and that i didnt shop merchants subscribing to telecheck enough and no one could manually approve it.

she then suggested i choose another medium to pay for my purchase if i wanted to buy it tonight. she then said i should shop more telecheck subscribing merchants and write A LOT of $10-$50 dollar checks and MAYBE next time it would approve a larger check. if i could sue for humiliation i would. many people in line behind me and looked like a deadbeat because i don't shop telecheck merchants more often.

i will intentionally avoid BEST BUY AND telecheck merchants from now on and i also wonder if this is just a way to force more people to transition soley to plastic and debit cards. grrrrrr!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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thanks for the info


No, writing a check in a store has joined the dinosaurs and is no longer a good idea. Very risky to have your checkbook in public.

If your account number gets out, the crooks will clean out your account. Use plastic.


It's not Bestbuy's problem, it's your issue. You at some point bounced a check and need to contact Telecheck.

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