Baltimore, Maryland
Not resolved

TeleCheck denied my check at Wal-Mart, K-Mart and AutoZone!!! This is more than embarrassing and frustrating too.

I called the company and firstly the Rep. asked for all of my personal information DL# SS# etc, which i relucantly gave. He asked me if i'd ever had an account with Suntrust Bank and I repled no. That was unsatisfactory for the Rep, so i went to the bank and had the bank call to verify.

I was told that TeleCheck does not deal with banks?????? Ultimately, they wanted me to send a copy of my DL ss C and tax or utility bill so they could do an investigation. I did not send and cannot wrire checks. This is inconvient and very frustrating.

Something should be done about this company. I have NEVER written a bad check and i have enough money to cover every check i write.

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