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What the *** ever happened to cashing a check based on on if you had funds or not? I would love to be sitting with a new knee brace and icing down my blown out knee right now but some pimple face *** wipe from Telecheck told Walgreens not to take my check.

Oh not *** due to no funds, there's over $2,000 to cover that ***... No because I haven't written a check for them in ages so I may not be who I said I was and my check may not be good. What the ever loving *** is that??? No is it inactivity of my check s period?

No, cause I write two out every *** month.... One for rent and one for my car loan. It is I haven't written a check with Walgreeens in a long long time. Even was asked if it was a new account...

No, it still has Washington mutual not Chase on it if that tells you how long I have had this account you *** ***.

Because I used my god *** debit card forever there it doesn't count cause all that the pissants at Telecheck cover is checks. Due to misplacing my wallet I had to be inconvienced with waiting for a new *** atm card (god forbid they covered that service at the banks anymore *** So until it comes and at 3 in the mother *** morning when my knee is screaming in pain, I go to buy some things at my convienient Walgreens that is 24 hours. Well no longer... Until Telecheck is replaced I am boycotting these *** for good.

It is incon *** ceivable that we base our decisions to not grant a check based on inactivity. It is poor customer service and poor management.

Proper ID, and proper funds which are available to be checked on no less in today's high tech *** word should be the only thing needed to purchase goods with a check. If it has been inactive, there is a reason, and if I am using a check there is a reason.


Product or Service Mentioned: Telecheck Cashing.

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You have a legal right under the FCRA to request a consumer file disclosure from Telecheck. If the report is inaccurate (maybe the reason you were declined) you have a legal right to have it corrected.

There are a few states where class action lawsuits have been filed against this company. You might want to check it out.

Also, I think it is hypocritical for someone to call you names for calling someone else names.


Are you another *** on the loose?? Save your language for the trash can where it belongs loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #629664

The reason your check was denied is because it had been awhile since you had written a check for a long time, could indicate identity fraud. Now cool off and think about how you would like it if some unknown person was writing checks on your account.

You are a rude, inconsiderate man because of the way you referred to the telecheck person.

You have no way at all of knowing what the person looked like, and even so it was no reason to call names, etc. You sound like a spoiled five year old-----grow up!

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