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We need to stop Telecheck and their complete invasion of privacy. Same complaint as many others on here.

I've been writing checks for YEARS at the same stores, Wal Mart, Target, local grocery stores. I was declined due to inactivity. Translation - I had not written a check at the grocery store since March. Shame on me for paying cash on a couple of occasions, I even tried out a new grocery store in the area, they took my check.

Telecheck told me that every check will be evaulated and may or may not be approved. So I guess when I go grocery shopping, I have to bring enough cash to cover the transaction-just in case. HMMMMM, if they continue to deny my checks, how can my check writing activities becomre more active so I am not considered inactive????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job of getting America back to work and giving us the ability and confidence to purchase goods.

I will go out of my way to identify stores that do not employ Telecheck and only patronize them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Telecheck anarchy!!! I shop for disabled gentleman.

One gentleman had a seizure recently and could no come shopping. The other gentleman cam along. I just did a full month o shopping for 2 grown men. I got to the register with 2 carts full of food and dragging around an autistic guy...

On a busy day at Walmart. Cart 1 groceries get rung up I write the check the gentleman with me is the account holder he signs it clears just fine. I warn the cashier that the account holder had a seizure I am his care giver his legal guardian signed the check left his drivers license number (his name is on checks). Groceries are rung up and loaded into the cart I ful out the check hand

It to the cashier an it is Declined!

Same bank as the first client same amount of groceries! I call telecheck and they ask for the clients physical address, phone number, drivers license number, routing number, account number, check number, last 4 of social. I was SHOCKED. I tell Walmart that this is absurd and they put the blame on telecheck and shrug off my anger.

From this day forth while my wife does our grocery shopping I will FILL A CART OR 2 and when I get to the register let te kind old lady ring up everything.. I will pull out my check book and at the same time notice the telecheck machine ask kindly "does Walmart associate with telecheck?" she should answer "yes" is she lies I'll call her out...

And while she gleefully tells me that they do I will then ruin her day as Walmart has runined mine on 3 occasions due to telecheck dishonesty. Sorry little old lady but *** YOU AND TELECHECK!


We should have a National "We Hate Telecheck" day! Everyone who has been burned or humiliated by Telecheck should go to a store that uses Telecheck.

Walmart seems like a great choice. Take your friends and family. Then everyone can completely fill a cart or two. After their stuff is rung up they can ask if Telechek is used there.

If it is just walk the *** off.

Tell them you don't do business with Telecheck. Maybe after having all their employees busy ringing up thousands in *fake* transactions and putting back thousands of items on shelves they will finally listen to their consumers and make Telecheck accountable for their lost business.


well if what you are buying is that important use a debit/credit card--if its not--here's what happened to me and what i did-i try to buy most my grocery's for a month at a time--buy things on sale a put them in the freezer and so forth--so my gro bill is almost 400.00 to 600.00 a month at one time--i had 2 carts full, they rang everything up--then my check was turned down by tele-check--the store couldn't tell me why just gave me a number to call--i just left between 30 to 40 bags of items right there and told the lady have fun putting everyhing up because of telecheck--so now if i go somehwere and they start to do the tele-check thing on my check--i just tell them i don't buy items from any place that uses tele-check and walk out, leaving everything right there--yes it makes them mad but--maybe sooner or later the stores will see how much work tele-check puts customers through by spending all that time shopping just to have their check turned down at the last minute.

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