Austin, Texas

My Heath Savings Account uses HSA checks so I can pay for healthcare. After getting an eye exam and paying by check, I walked across the isle to buy some glasses.

My check was denied by TeleCheck. After spending 30 minutes on the phone entering my personal information, I was told the amount was too high and I should try a smaller amount. I asked what the limit was, but the agent would not give me a number.

My account has funds and the check is good. After speaking with Walmart management, it sounds like they know about this problem.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Walmart lost a $440+ purchase because Telecheck denied a perfectly good and honorable check. I found out that Target doesn't use Telecheck, and so I went to the bank to withdraw the money in cash, and headed to Target instead to make the purchase.

Too bad for Walmart!! Telecheck once again causes TeleHeck!!!


Continually denying my checks with money in the bank. I am not spending 20 minutes trying to get telechek to decide if they will let my check go through. I guess Winn Dixie will get my business from now on and other clothing stores.

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