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I recently went to Walmart and got some tires for my truck. I was not sure if they were done or not so I went to the check out with a pair of gloves a shirt and some boxers and my scan thing for the tires.

The lady scanned my stuff thru and when she went to scan the tires it said they were not done yet and because of that the bar code scan thing would not ring up until they were done. I said ok no big deal so I handed her a check and paid for my gloves shirt and boxer with no problems at all 19.09$

I walked around a bit more until my truck was done. When it was done I went to pay for them handed the lady a check and Telecheck declined it! Not even 40 mins later after writing the first one! I said I dont know why it wont go thru? I have money in there. She said she didnt know?

So I went back to the tire place told him what happened and he tried a check back there and same thing, Telecheck denied it! I told him I know for a fact there is money in there because we just got out taxes back and they were in there. He did not know why it would not verify

He called the manager and the manager said he did not know why it would do that but he would let me drive back to my bank 40 miles bank home and get the money and come back and pay them.

So they took my drivers licenses information and I drove back home 40 miles just to get the 730$ for the tires that was there all along and turn back around drive back to Walmart and pay them. 50$ worth of gas later.

Our account was opened a week before this happened so Telecheck has not developed any rating with our account there for it declined my check! 6300$ in the account and they declined my 730$ check! But cashed the 19.09$ one ruffly 25 mins before that.

A *** of a way to loose business if you ask me! Similar situation happened 2 days later the grocery store. Luckily I had some cash on me.

I will NEVER shop any where that uses Telecheck again! You dont want my money or business I will give it to someone that wants it!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Independence, Missouri, United States #1054831

I got declined for reloading a gift card for $50.00 and my bank account has over $4500 in it now. Telecheck wants my drivers license and bank numbers.

Walmart just lost my business. Hello TARGET!!!

to Crystal Palm Bay, Florida, United States #1057307

Same here!! Their bogus reason was too much activity on my account, the only activity that month (october) was a deposited check! Sorry walmart but its target for me now too!


I doubt you had 6300 in your account. if so you would have used a debit card. Liar.

Salem, Missouri, United States #821181

Well after 30 + years , Today at Walmart , I tried to pay out , $20.18 and my check was declined . When I called the number , I got a computer asking for info .

I gave it all the info it asked for and then waited 10 mins , but no one came back on to give me any info . I used my credit card , but I was kinda shocked .

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #799916

If I were you, I'd be more angry that my truck got 7MPG.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #632105

Telecheck IS associated with Walmart. Walmart buys/contracts service with Telecheck to clear consumer checks.

They use it at the register for customer check payments as well as in the Customer Svc Center for cashing checks for people who may not use banks.

Telecheck may have this standard policy b/c they base their fraud protection on previous use and flags on accounts, but I can agree and understand why this guy is PEEVED. I would be more than irritated, too!

Kane, Pennsylvania, United States #631878

The manager working at the tire center thought the same thing. But that in fact was not the case. Not sure what your talking about "telecheck has nothing to do with walmart"? Then why would the decline receipt say telecheck? I called the telecheck number on the receipt. After spending 3 hours and several run arounds I finally got through to a manger and they told because my account has zero credit with them they declined my transaction.

They told me only transactions for small amounts with accounts with zero credit would only be able to be made and they raise the amounts based on your credit with them until you can use them as you normally would.

You can say what you want and believe what you want but this was my dealing with them and Walmart. Not faulting the people working at Walmart they were just doing there job.

I have not since used a place that uses telecheck and have had ZERO issues using checks to make purchases. I went to the local hardware store the next day twice and spent 500$ of lumber and went back to get 200$ worth of other odds and ends needed to build a porch and had no problems using a check.

I also switched grocery stores and have had no problems using checks there either.

Just following up.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #617068

Telecheck, has nothing to do with WalMart. If this is a new account that you have that could be why and due to the fact that you had already written one check there, when they scanned the second check, for that large of amount, that more than likely sent up a red flag for them.

I Googled Telecheck awhile back after reading so many complaints about them and their main object is to try and prevent Identity fraud.

to anonymous #753780

This happened to me last night for a non profit organization buying Christmas gifts for needy children. Wrote one check at Walmart for one family and did the shopping for the remainder and tried to run the check and it was declined!

Not only is it embarrassing, but knowing that the money is there is uber frustrating!

The money comes directly from the account at Walmart, which is what I don't understand.

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