After waiting days to receive my new debit card from my bank I had an emergency and had to use a check to pay for a prescription given by the ER for my Son who is diabetic for an emergency insulin prescription due to him dropping his entire insulin bottle and it shattered. While at Walmart I decided to also pick up a few groceries to get us through so because I had no debit card yet, I had to use an electronic check in which I had used at Walmart before but not very often as I use my debit card for everything.

After an hour of waiting for the prescription and an hour and a half of grocery shopping I go to pay for everything at the register and am told Telecheck declined by check for reason 02, Code 03. I was not only embarrased, I was highly pissed because this code means there is not enough information on you so telecheck will not guarantee check. This made absolutely no sense and no one could tell me exactly why. So now I am stuck going back to the ER to get an emergency bottle of insulin.

However, the hospital gave me another prescription for insulin to fill later. I decided to try another pharmacy that also uses telecheck and imagine my surprise when my check went through just fine. Later that evening I go back to Walmart to get my groceries I had to leave previously and again my check is declined. Same reason code.

I then ask a Walmart manager what is going on. They try at first to tell me it was due to Telecheck declining the check and do not know the reason and I would have to call the 800#. I immediately said to the store Manager "Try again, your excuse is not working" then proceeded to tell her I just came from another location that also uses Telecheck and my check went through just fine. The Manager then proceeds to tell me, that I was declined because I dont usually write alot of checks.

You have got to be kidding me!!!! I needed my Son's insulin that he needs in order to live and they tell me this. Telecheck and Walmart are ridiculous and I will never shop there again. My Son could have been in real serious danger due to this *** reasoning.

Especially since I have wrote a check there before, many times in the past. Come on Walmart and Telecheck.

Get your *** together. This is not acceptable to do this to people then have no reason for it whatsoever.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree with you totally! TeleCheck has treated my 86 year old uncle the same way, refused his check yet he had more than enough money in the bank.

No reason to refuse his check.

TeleCheck should be investigated by the government, and it needs to be shut down! It only causes BIG PROBLEMS for hard working, honest citizens.


Telecheck does not care about your emergency and you will find no satisfaction here. Get a CREDIT card and your problems will ease.

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