Russellville, Arkansas
Not resolved

I made a terrible clerical error causing a check of mine to be returned.. of course they placed holds on my account to prevent me from writing anymore checks on the account, thats just sound business...The problem is, they leave these holds on even after everything has been cleared up.

I paid everything I owed and two weeks later they were STILL declining my checks and treated me like a common criminal when I called in, only to tell me I would have to wait 72 hours before a check would go through...(that was after making me go through a laundry list of questions first on the automated system and then with the CSR, who didnt seem to know anything...)If you set holds to keep my checks from going through, kindly remove them when I have held up my end of the bargin by paying what I owe. Its not as if this was a habitual thing for me...I made a mistake and paid dearly for it, I dont need some faceless voice on the other end of the phone to make me feel worse.

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