Pennsauken Township, New Jersey
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Update by user Jan 16, 2012

This was at leat the 14th time we have had issues with this Telecheck company. What needs to be done is we should all do our busieness where they do not use this screwed up system.

I was never so humiliated in my life as I was TWICE today because of this Company.

I am seeking legal advice on how to deal with this because it is insane how these people treat you.

When you call the company to ask why your check was denied they say some *** a nine reason when we know we have the funding their.

We are not using any store that uses Telecheck,and everyone should do the same.

This has changed my life for the better actually.

George and Julie Wible

Original review posted by user Jan 15, 2012

I was denied my check threw telicheck more than once when my funds were their.These idiots have no right to stop my checks from going threw when their is no reason.The people their acted like their robotic drugged zombies.They repeat themselves over and over to no avail.This has caused me so much humiliation when I had to put my items back on several visits to the store.

I was told by telicheck to go back write a different check and it would threw.IT DID NOT AFTER DRIVING BACK!!!!! It must be stopped.How? please get rid of this *** useless company.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #918118

I couldn't get a check thru with a Walmart MoneyGram and after a couple of phone calls with no logical reason as to why not I told them that I no longer would try to use TeliCheck and that I wanted my profile removed from their computer! I was told that my file could not be removed and that it would be kept for 7 years!

Don't use this outfit!

Just a waste of time and perhaps there could be a privacy issue! Beware!


The same thing happened to me at Walmart where I've written hundreds of checks (all cleared no returns). When I called TeleCheck they told me that the reason it was denied was because the checking acct.

I was using was not established??? OK, yes my husband & I opened a new checking acct. but this makes no sense??? How are you supposed to establish your check writing if they deny your checks???

The lady @ TeleCheck told me to try it again for a lesser amount ... it still was denied.

We went to Sam's the same day and yes I wrote a check for "way more" than the one @ Walmart just to see and it went through ... go figure!


You probably have a returned check somewhere. Most of the time that is the reason for denials.

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