Virginia Beach, Virginia

You place a call to Telechek to correct whatever the issue is. Of course I'm even more pissed because after choosing all of the options, which by the way have nothing to do with my call, you are directed to the website.

You never get the option to speak to a person, so you never get a person. I have a checking account attached only to a debit card. I have no paper checks, and have never written a check to Walmart. The dummies at Walmart are just as bad because when they are giving you the information they act like they have no idea of what's happening and basically push you off to the side.

If they can give you tips on how to speak to a person at Telechek, they never do.

You are gone, out of of their line; you are now invisible. I just want to know what number to call to actually speak to a human being?

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I finally found a number to TRS where I actually spoke to a person!!!



You can reach an agent dialing 1-800-366-2425 and then press option 3 which is the one for refunds and you will be prompted to enter the zipcode and the automatic system will transfer u to a live agent faster....I hope this helps

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