Knoxville, Tennessee
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I have been a loyal customer at the Valley Mart in Sweetwater, Tenn and have never had a declined check--nor have I ever had a returned check there or anywhere else. Recently, however, Telechek has declined my checks after getting gas.

The first time it happened, the cashier said it was because i had made two purchases that day by check and she would wait until the next day to run the second check. Since then, Telechek has declined my check and the cashier gave me a printout of the information and the telephone number to call to get the matter cleared.

After five futile calls in attempts to get the numbers entered into the system, I was either cut-off in the middle of the call or had to repeat the same information in series over and over. I am sick and tired of this--not only is it embarrassing but Valley Mart is going to lose a good customer.

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In Tennessee, there is a consumer Class Action Lawsuit against Telecheck, Beaudry vs Telecheck. You may want to check it out.

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