Sacramento, California

My wife and I are going on vacation next thursday this monday I went to best buy in asheville to get a sd card for our video camera. The lady at the check out counter ran the check several times then gave it to me and said I was denied any transaction.

I called telecheck and they said their had been to much activity writing checks.

My wife has been buying a lot of things she feels we need. I expect that goes on in everyones household preparing for vacation.I was told it would be 7 days before any store that uses telecheck would take our checks.

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Exact same thing happened to me at Best Buy. You can be sure I will use another store than take a risk of the embarassment.

PS-I have never bounced a check in 25 years. :(


I was at best buy for about an.hour apperently i do not have enough established history with tele check so how on earth am i suppose 2 estAblish history if i cajt buy anything the first time ( it sucks huy & tele.check they just lost a valued customer

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