Muncie, Indiana

i'M 66 YRS OLD- I have NEVER written a bad check. 12/2/12 I wrote a ck at wall mart and it was declined, I immediately called from the store took over 15 min.

to even get through redoing all the #'s they wanted-when I finally talked to a human they told me I had written a bad ck 12/23/11-which I was totally unaware of**I went home and did my own research and yes I'd made an error. Well I waited for their time period and watched my account when the ck cleared I called telecheck and asked if I was cleared to write checks again "YES" no holds or allerts on my account, even checked through using my SS# all is fine I wrote a check last night at Meijer, ck was refused. I called immediately and again was on the phone 20 min. couldn't give me a reason what was wrong.

So again I called 1/13/12, I was told I was a high risk because of writing 1 bad check in my life.

The lady then said it was their decision the ck balance had to be verified before it could be accepted. Again I"m told all is fine I could go back to the store and even present the same ck for processing " RIGHT " what about my groceries

I had to leave at the store.What really got me was her telling me they had NO record of me calling and talking to anyone last night****I guess their word is gospel

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Same thing happened to me with a store I shopped at for 20 years. I called the stores corporate offices and explained that I was taking my business elsewhere unless they got this telecheck out of the picture.

They reviewed my account and see that 20 years of my business with them could be hurtful loss to them. the problem is the telecheck company is placing limits on the public with how much we can spend and limits how much they will allow to be processed in a week. I didn't ask them to be my accountant and last I looked I could spend my money how I saw fit. Profiling people is a crime unless you are a police man.

Time for a lawsuit. Just remember the company you shop with signed an agreement with them to provide this service so go after them first.

julie wible

I want any complaints from people who Telecheck denied for *** reasons

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