Wilburton, Oklahoma
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Hubby went to pick up meds at drug store. Wrote check, check declined.

At home I called the number and gave the denial record number. Telecheck said it was due to "risk factors", not that we have an active file, or funds in bank account...apparently my husband has not written "enough" checks there and so does not have a "record" to go on. CAN THIS BE ANY STUPIDER??????? We get all our meds at this drug store, Telecheck said it did not tell the merchant to decline the check.....GRRRRRRRRRRR...I have to use this drug store pursuant to my health insurance......what is he supposed to do...go in and keep getting declined until he has a "record"?????

This is a *** company.

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #867625

Me too


Pulltype.....and just what about all the people who have had their identities and credit and debit card information stolen lately? One method of payment is no safer than another these days. Don't try to dictate to others what method they use to purchase their merchandise.


Using checks in today's banking world is very risky. Telecheck will not care about anything you do or say. Use a credit card or debit card.

to Pulltype Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #573661

Yes sir. Looks like telecheck is working PR. Horrible company

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