Oak Hill, West Virginia

I have been unable to write a check for a long time. Recently, I called and finally got the *** people on the phone.

They have my driver's license number in the system from True Credit for 14.95 since 2009. What the ***? True credit is online, I couldn't have written them a check and they want me to pay 14.95 + 25.00 to get me out of the system. How *** is that?

They should only be allowed to put you in the system for large sums and only keep them so long! Aren't there rules for any company these days?

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Telecheck you are getting ready for a lot of class action suits against you. This is crazy when you have the money in your bank and you decline a check this is WRONG!!!!!


Oh baloney "former telecheck employee"! Half the time Walmart's Telecheck machine will clear my check, half the time it won't.

The *** GD machines work pretty much like a debit machine, the money is basically taken out of the checking account when the *** check is put in the machine by the Walmart employee.

There is no good f'ing reason to be denying checks unless there is a bounced check history out there for the person writing the check!! :(


i use to work for telecheck in a call center. I have seen checks as small as $1.00 Show up in the system.

the information will stay in the telecheck system for 7 years. the way it works it telecheck is hired by businesses to protect them from returned checks. pretty much telecheck pays the business for any checks that do not clear and telecheck collects the checks themselves.

This doesnt mean that you have to physically write out a paper check but if you went to a website like true credit, and gave your account information to get you credit report (or you probably did a free trial then forgot to cancel) then when the payment didnt clear your account the information was turned over to telecheck. I would suggest calling true credit and see if they can take the charge off it is was just a free trial that you forgot to cancel.

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