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Telecheck Services Inc allegedly collects bad debts from Amazon.com. However, when asked what I purchased on the date in question, they "cannot legally say." I say, "I cannot legally pay!"

They call 4x per week for the past 5 weeks. I have called Amazon and they have confirmd that ALL FIVE of my books purchased this year were fully paid in full. They have no delinquencies.

So, the question remains - how is this company getting away with this? They call every Sunday at 8:00am and wake me up. Then call and when I pickup the phone, it is a blank tone. When you call customer service on their 1800 number, it is a busy signal and does not work.

This is a 100% scam and AMAZON likely is getting a kickback in this dirty Ponzi scheme.

Monetary Loss: $27.


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Dedine scam artists..TELECHECK.No humans to talk to and if you do get someone in another country they want everything but your underwear size.

Then a few days later someone is using your information trying to buy online.

TELECHECK collects all your info then scams you....I will do without before I shop at a store with a telecheck sign.Plenty of stores DO NOT use them.

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