Monroe, Michigan

I recently wrote a check from my business account at a Telecheck merchant. The cashier scanned the check, it was accepted, and I left the store with my merchandise.

Within one week I was receiving hostile collections calls from Telecheck claiming that I had written a check on a closed account. The account number that they have in their records for my business is not my account number nor is it even a valid account number at my bank. I paid them the face value of the check but not the $25 return check fee because I documented that an electronic error had occured. They submitted an account number to my bank that was completely different than the one on my check.

I sent to their research department a copy of the original check, a copy of the erroneous account information received by my bank, a letter from my bank stating that my account has been open and in use for 23 years, a copy of my receipt from the store with the tracing number, a copy of their collection notice with their reference number on it and a letter explaining it all. Nearly a month later, I still can't write a check anywhere because they are holding all my accounts hostage because of the $25 fee. I have made many many calls to customer service and been transferred around in circles and faxxed my dispute information to the numbers they give me multiple times all to no avail. There is no phone number for the research department and nobody who can verify if the information has been received and no resolution available except to pay the money that I have clearly documented that I don't owe.

My problem with that is that it allows them to steal money from people who don't owe it at any time without cause or explanation. I would be interested to know what percentage of their income is actually stolen from people who pay up just because there is nothing esle they can do to have their checking accounts released

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:cry :( :roll :? :( :( :( what the *** is wrong with telecheck they are making us crazy at the wrong time.

out of state without gas and denied my own money. whats with that. couldnt write a ck had several thousand in my acct. no problem today.

however didnt help at midnight out of state. this is ***.


Had a check denied so I paid with a Debit Card. Called the CS number and they asked me a lot of personal questions that I didn't feel comfortable answering.

Then I found out that it is located in the Philippines.

Yeah, I'm going to give out bank routing number, account number, my ssn, DL number, address, etc to some stranger in Manila. HA HA HA.

Don't do business with people who use Telecheck.

Bailey, Colorado, United States #15151

I agree about customer service at Telecheck. They are rude, disrespectful and basically indicate that they do not care one bit about you or your situation or provide you ANY worthwhile assistance in resolving simple issues.

Telecheck clients (i.e.

Wal-mart, Sam's Club) should think twice about doing business with these people. Telecheck's lack of assistance means that good consumers stuck in a Telecheck created situation cannot write checks to buy products from Telecheck's clients.

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