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I run a small business and inquired about a check guarantee prosseing at my bank Suntrust Bank. Suntrust referred me to Merchant Services who then reffered me to Telecheck.

Merchant Services and Suntrust work with Telecheck and Telecheck will mislead you you into believing that the rate will be about thesame as a credit card charge to process a check. In fact they charged y business $1865.76 to process $13091.85 which is about 14%. This is a ridiculous amount and I hope that you read the tiny print on their contract. i did not thinking that it was safe to believe the oral verbage of Virginia the sales rep after being referred to by a somewhat reputable large bank and credit card processer.

Once you have signed up there is no customer support. The charge to break the contract is 90% of the contract value.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this trap. It is safer to trust the check writer than to trust telecheck.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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I write checks to avoid carrying cash. I walk into a grocery store purchase $200 worth of groceries and I have to go through more mess to cash to check.

They cash it, because I am a good and continuing customer. I go to KMart write a check for $200, because I'm not sure how much I'll send and don't want to carry cash. I have $800 in the bank and my check is refused. What is this?

I call my banking institute and they say yes it's good, but Telecheck is the one you have to talk to.

I call Telecheck and get the voice message and it continuously ask that I put in number after number over and over and I never get a person nor do I get an answer. This is beyond ridiculous.


This is a First Data product that the bank is paid a referral for encouraging you to sign up. I would bring this information to your banker.

I'm sure the bank does not want their customers who have a business to go broke and maybe they can assist you with this issue to see if this was an error or accurate. Good luck.

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