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I just tried updating my auto withdrawels with Sprint from my old account to a new one. I was declined.

I then tried my debit card. I was declined. Sprint told me to reach out to Telecheck. I called Telecheck but had nothing to reference (because Sprint wasn't given any information, just, "Declined.

Call 877-678-5898"). So I ended up pushing a bunch of buttons for 20 minutes until I got someone live. The rep told me the reason I've been declined is because they do not have a history for me, so I will need to establish one before they will allow me to have auto checks. I've NEVER had this problem before.

I am so irrate. They told me that I should just write "smaller" checks until I establish good credit with them. Are you kidding me! I'm not 18 years old with a new account!

I have excellent credit and want to know what gives them the right to stop me from making a payment! Seriously. I've NEVER had this happen to me in all my years of having an account. What is going on!

Something I thought would take 5 minutes has taken over 2 hours... and it's still not resolved.

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Totally Agree Telecheck sucks and does not have a person review issues to determine if they are legitimate or not - I'm 47 years old with over 750 credit score and they declined me sending a payment to my daughter through Walmart - what because I have good enough credit I've never had to do that before. Such a crock of ***.

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