Saint Louis, Missouri

It's Balck Friday weekend, I am at K-mart doing Christmas shopping, wating in line for 30 minutes, finally it's my turn, cashier rings up my purchase of $338.00 I write a check as I always do. Cashier said your check has been declined.

Now the line behind is growing longer, people are getting more angery, and I am left standing there in total embrassment. As soon as they said they worked with telecheck, I new the problem was not me, but them, I have had many phone calls to this company for the past three years, this time they said my account had to much activity, now,I write 4-5 checks per day, so this is no different than any other day. After exchange of words I still have no gurantee this will not happen again.

Stores must stop using this company or someone needs to file a class action law suit against this unethical company.

There is no rhyme or reason to their decision making. I refuse to spend my money at any company that uses telecheck.

Monetary Loss: $338.

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Sacramento, California, United States #574966

I can really relate to what you went through because of TELECHECK.

I posted a video about my experience on youtube. If you'd like to see it, just type in "Telecheck Discriminates" in the search box on the youtube site.




I agree. This just happened to me.

I have plenty of money in my account. My husband was using the ATM card at a different store and I hate using credit. Denied. Left items.

Found husband. Yelled at him for having the card even though Its a joint account and I knew he had the only card.

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