Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Telecheck was responsible for incorrect identification information and stopped checks from my account. No apology was even hinted at, but for my public humiliation, calls to my credit union, and just plain raw irritation, I was told that my check writing privileges would be reinstated in 72 hours.

What took them the blink of an eye to screw up, apparently takes forever to fix. Their sloppy bookkeeping has destroyed my credibility not to mention my holiday. Who in his/her right mind has extended these liberties to this group?! If transposing numbers is the problem, perhaps they should screen their employees for dyslexia in the future.

The woman I talked to evidently thought she was doing me a great service by giving back my checking account, but never owned up to the mess the company made of everything. Telling me to , "have a nice day," did not sweeten the deal.

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Be sure to tell all merchants that you will not trade with anyone using the TeleCheck service. They are all fighting hard for the bucks during this season and if they hear from enough people they will turn the heat on the idiots.

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