San Antonio, Texas

Telechek denied my check for $11.91. After 19 years with the same employer, bank, address, etc.

Telecheck is WRONG! They associated me with someone with the same last name; totally different socoail security numbers and different driver license number. Now I have to prove that I am not the person they are associating me with. The other person is linked to Woodforest Bank and Compass Bank.

I have to obtain letters from them to prove I have never had anything to do with these companies and am not associated with the other person. It's the fault of TELECHECK NOT ME!!!!

Anyone have the name of a good lawyer to handle such cases?

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I would like to be apart of this action suit, but i am not sure i woulf fit the right criteria. first off my history in not that clean when it comes to writing check for i have had bank fees due to isf, but would be paid and i inturn get the money to the bank the next day.

as for telecheck my problem witht hem is that a few months ago my husband wrote a check that he forgot to tell me about to *** sporting goods. when i found this out i had to go to stop n shop to write some checks out to cash in order to cover the check. since that time i had to keep paying it forward to cover the checks that i wrote to ss and *** in order to avoid service fees that run $35. Money is already tight in our family and this is the first time i had to ever use ss to take cash out just to actually put it back in the bank to cover fee that i could not aford as previously stated.

i any case i was waiting for *** to redeposit the check as most other merchants would do in a couple of days so i could get it off my books. well in stead of redepositing it telecheck put a lock on my account after almost a month of waiting. stating that the *** check needed to be cleared along with the fee. i di tell them that it was fine but asked why the need to freeze my account.

i accepted it for i did understand that they needed their money. everything has been fine until recencently when i went to write a check they denied me for my check did not meet guidelines. this time i was very confused for i just wrote a check two minutes ago at the same store. i called telechecks gave them the same info to which no one could help me other than to read the script on what to say to customers.

i then told i still do not understand why, but i do need to go and pick my car up from the mechanic and that i did not want a problem for the cash is in the account. they told me everything is fine and that there is not negativity on my account (but again they just denied a check) I go to the mechanic to pay my bill and just as i was told it should be ok it did not go through and my husband was imbarrased. i usually deal with any of the bumps that has to do witht he financial, but this was not something i understood. i statred to get very upset in talking to them but after speaking to three people how just repeated what they all said and hung up.

i understand in this economy that we all are hurting and merchants need to feel protected, but this is too much. Our family has had a rough year with money not coming in like it used to. my husband is trying to find another job which all of us are in the same boat to turn around and put it back in the bank was horrible and i do not want to ever have to do that again.

but to tell me that my account is ok and i have to wait another seven days to update my account in there system is not helping that if i need to buy food for my family. i will be finding somewhere else to shop cause this is just the tip of the iceberg for me


I am for a class action law suit against them for denying peoples checks without just cause!!! you with me?

May be we should get a centralized web page for people to sign up for a class action suit against these sleaze balls!!! know any body who can do that?

It just might be if enough people sign up we can get a lawyer to take the case on consignment. What do you think?

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