Rochester, New York
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I am really frustrated. I have had a check declined at Walmart and Grocery Outlet this last week.

I have the funds in the bank and I have checked with two represenatives from the bank indicating that there is no problem with my account yet I can't cash a check. I try to reach a PERSON at Telecheck to find out why I am being treated this way but that is impossible. I am planning to send a complaint to the Attorney General next week if I do not get some answers.

I strongly encourage all of you readers to do something along the same lines so that this does not continue without good reason and for a person to make any corrections needed so that it does not happen agian rather then getting the silent treatment.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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:roll Wow pulltype, your answer was soooooo helpful. Condescend much?

Some people do not want credit cards. Why have another avenue for Big Business to rape our pockets? If you read the complaints you would see that your last sentence IS the problem. Telecheck has the right to do or not do business with you sure.

What they do NOT have the right to do is humiliate, intimidate, or refuse to tell people info about their OWN financial business. They claim to have *guidelines* yet there is no logic, continuity, or customer recourse whatsoever. They are straight up making businesses lose customers.

Why would they even want to be associated with them? This is another clear example of the dehumanizing of the lower and middle class.


telecheck is owned by the largest credit/debit card processor (first data) and probably hopes for the day that all checks will be gone


Telecheck direct customer service - 1-888-288-0131 press the # 1 following the prompts.

Captain Bob USA

TELECHECK Complaint by KC18

Here is your problem If you ever bounced a check then your account is black balled or they got bad information from someone else cure all the *** and use a debit mastercard no checks to worry about...


I haven't found a better place for getting on the soap box, but the point is that Telecheck does not care about anyone's frustration. They will not give out any answers that people want to hear. I don't take checks at my store, either, since I don't want to have to hire Telecheck.


Don't get on your soap box Pulltype. It's one thing if I did write a bad check and knew about it but the scenerio was different. My frustration was aimed at the Telecheck company who appears to avoid one on one communication with people when they are trying to get an answer to what happened so they can correct the problem.


Yes, it is legal. You should not be writing checks in public anyway.

Very risky in today's banking world where no person looks at your written check.

Get a debit card or better, use a credit card. Telecheck does its own thing and does not care what any Attorney General thinks.

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