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I would like to say to all merchants who use this service, you are losing sales because of Telecheck. They use the most random data to make decisions regarding check cashing and I am tired of dealing with them.

They denied my checks yesterday because they said that too many checks were written on the account. Do they not realize that the holiday's are approaching and it stands to reason that more checks will be written????? It is unbelievable that you cannot write a check when the money is in your account, you have adequate ID, your accounts have not been frozen to fraudulent activity and sufficient funds exit!!! When you call Telecheck to complain, it is obvious that the person you are speaking to is not always fluent in english and they provide no help at all.

This is embarassing and completely unnecessary.

In the future, when my check is rejected at a merchant because of Telecheck, I will speak to tne manager and shop elsewhere. This is a a long-standing problem that they fail to address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Telecheck Cashing.

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Sacramento, California, United States #574965

I couldn't agree with you more about how awful this company is.

I have posted a video on youtube about my experience which you can watch by typing "Telecheck Discriminates" in the youtube search box.



to bluhouse1 Akron, Ohio, United States #575465

Hi Ken,

I will definitely go and take a look. I appreciate the additional information.

After looking into this further, I found through an employee of one of the companies using Telecheck that the corporations (merchants) using this system help to determine the parameters for denying a check.

The merchants need to understand that using a service that sets over-restrictive and random discourages shoppers from doing business with them. We need to bug Telecheck and the merchants that use them.

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