Oxford Charter Township, Michigan
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I have been a victim of identity theft and check fraud. Someone stole my account information and wrote checks and had a nice shopping spree at my expense.

I contacted my bank, we closed the account. Out of the goodness of my heart, I called all the merchants in the Tuscon and Phoenix area, which the checks had been cashed at to tell them not to accept any more checks from the person who was cashing my checks. I called Telecheck to tell them not to accept any checks and now, they want me to pay them for the amount the thief stole from me. I filed police reports and faxed them to Telecheck per their request.

The next thing I know, I am getting letters in the mail from a sister company to Telecheck, which is a collection agency demanding payment. They have harassed me via mail and phone calls, as early as 8:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. I told them I am not paying for something that I didn't purchase.

Now I am getting letters from the Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona; Telecheck reported that I was writing bad checks and if I didn't settle up, then there will be a warrant out for my arrest to spend 6 months in jail, $2,500 find, double the amount of the check, plus late fees. I refuse the do the time for a crime I did not commit; someone stole my identity; my bank investigated it and proved that it was check fraud and identity theft and TELECHECK does not accept that.

Monetary Loss: $242.

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hmm .. maam i had the same experience as yours but it was fixed by TELECHECK

you just have to understand and cooperate

first up , telecheck is also a collections agency (TRS collections) aside form being a check verifications company

they are automatically sending you collection notices because

some checks from your account are not being paid

they DIDNT KNOW what happened yet

they were NOT the ones who reported that you are writing a bad check,they just recieved the info as well

they do not have the knowledge that those were stolen chks

the only info that they have is that the chks were returned unpaid ..

what you need to do is call them at 8003662425 (opt3/zip code)

and explain to them what happened and they will tell yout what to do ..

you just need to send them all of the docs re what happend and they will fix it for you in 2 weeks

trust me ..

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