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I was denied acceptance of my check two times even after the merchant requested that I resubmit a second time. I have NEVER had a check bounce and the account has been in existence since 1997.

I have a high credit rating with never a blemish or late payment.TELECHECK STATES: My information was corrupted with someone else so much for correct content, would not send me a copy of incorrect information because it belonged to someone else, and I am not entitled to inaccurate information..... fraudulent actions on the part of TELECHECK.

I have notified the merchant that I will not receive any services from any business that uses TELECHECK. TELECHECK has no responsibility to the general public only their existence and bottom line.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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what can be done with this crooked company. i am contacting my attorney.

i have never never bounced a check, never paid one cent interest on ANYTHING (i collect interest which i live off of!) and today this crooked outfit denied a check where i always write checks. im in my 70's and will NOT put up with such crooked stuff as this company is! it is hurting businesses as we cant shop where our checks might be denied thru this crooked company . this includes 2 big grocery stores --Krogers and reisbecks, walmart , smith oil , and tractor supply .

REDICULOUS!!!!! last time i was at tractor supply, they told me they are having problems with that teletec company and they just had me write out the check . i will NOT be destroyed by such a crooked company.

let me know what others intend to do. oh and by the way --- dont bother trying to call them------------ you cant possibly get thru the prompts.

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