Hartselle, Alabama

I went to purchase groceries at a local supermarket. Get to the register to pay and my check is declined.

Embarrassing but I call to find out why. It is because I have no check writing history. I use debit for almost everything. I seldom write checks and honestly feel an invasion on my privacy, as I see it, it's none of their business why I do or do not write checks.

Absolutely ridiculous. I will not patronize merchants any longer who use telecheck. From a common sense standpoint I would think someone who does not write many checks would be much less likely to write a bad check in the first place. I have had my current bank account 10+ years and my check number was in the 5000 range.

Highly pissed that some *** in TX has control over my ability to spend my money. A very pissed off consumer.

Monetary Loss: $96.

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telecheck does not handle or does not dela with paychecks so do not blame them for that . i think wm has a diff dept for paychecks ..

try asking the cashier if he/she is a new employee by not knowing that ..

this is what i know hmm


A similar thing happened to me at a Wal-Mart...I didnt write checks there, but I cashed my paychecks there...All of a sudden one day, they wouldnt cash my paycheck...The cashier said that the "order has expired" I was like huh? WTF?

Turned out that I did NOT have bad checks, but rather that cause I cashed my paychecks there, a check recovery place highlighted and "froze" my account...The check place wanted me to pay 60 bucks to them and then the check place would unfreeze my account and let me cash my paychecks...Screw that...I went to a check cashing/payday loan place and never cashed a check at walmart ever again. :(

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #590183

After reading so many complaints about Telecheck, awhile back I decided to Google them to see what I could find. The way it sounds is they decline a check if they think there could be some identity theft.

It doesn't matter how long you have had your account or what your balance is. How would you like if somebody had somehow managed to steal your information and had written the check?

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