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This has not only happened to me, but to others that I know. TeleCheck declines checks for NO REASONS whatsoever!

I was Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart and wrote a check at the Electronic Dept for around $550. I then finished shopping and went up to the front to check out. My total was a little under $500 and my check was declined. I paid with a debit card, then got on the phone to find out what the problem was.

When you call to find out why, since you have plenty of money in your account, and have not EVER had a bounced check, you are sent from person to person who have the same story. However, the story they are telling does not include WHY your check was declined. It is as if they are reading information on a teleprompter. I have quit shopping at Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and any other store that uses TeleCheck.

I was finally told that if I go back in and write a check for more than the first one, it would most likely pass through the system. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? I asked the rep that I was talking to if that made any sense to him, he could not answer. My son has the same problem, some days his checks are taken, some days they are not.

This is too ridiculous!

Many of my friends have the same problem and have also quit shopping at stores where TeleCheck is used. Hopefully, companies will take note of this and get rid of TeleCheck!!!!!

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Telecheck is some ***

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