Recently, I attempted to write a check at Sears and Payless Shoes store (on two separate days). To my utter humiliation, my check was denied.

Because of Telecheck. My account had more than sufficient funds available, but because Telecheck didn't deem me "worthy", I was denied. So, in front of my daughter, husband and a line of people, I was embarrassed and humiliated. When I called Telecheck to find out what their problem was, they told me that I was denied because I didn't have a "history" with them.

And in order to "build a history", I was advised to write a small check (in 7 days) and see if it cleared. Then write another check, see if it clears. Then another and so on. I'm supposed to keep doing this until Telecheck thinks I'm trustworthy.

So basically this offshore company that has the power to decide if and when I spend my money. As a result, not only am I NOT going to spend ANY money in ANY stores that use Telecheck, I'm going to be as public about this as humanly possible.

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