Mobile, Alabama

A nightmare started when I first learned of telecheck. They blocked my use of checks although I had a sizeable balance in bank.

Wells Fargo bank denies they ae tied to them, but I suspect they have a special working agreement. I was forced to pay overdraft after bank refused to p-ay $25 check. Bnak hit me for $35 and telecheck got $30. A few days ago I discovered $30 more taken out of my account by telecheck.

I learned then that the check was paid by secret draft taken out without my knowledge. I had gone by the merchant and offered to pay for check and was told that It had already been paid. When I asked why telecheck was blackballing my checking account, I was told I didn't meet their criteria. That blocked me from buying groceries or goods at walmart and grocery store.

I had sailed along without incident untilo thhis thing came along. Someone needs to verifiy if telecheck and Wells Fargo don't have a sweet heart deal to double fees. Also to deplete your account where more checks will bounce. One bank official admitted in one conversation that there might be an independent agreement between telecheck and wells fargo.

I went in today and they tried to deny that.

Telecheck uses another name under an umbrella in their Houston, texas office. complaints mounting against them.

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Its true "no one uses checks anymore". Reality though, most businesses use business checks since debit cards aren't given for business-not at my bank anyway.

I know I could use a credit card, but I am getting rid of my credit cards for the outrageous interest.

It truely is becoming an electronic world. I feel Telecheck is a legal scam.


GET A DEBIT CARD. no one uses checks anymore. unless you don't have the money and you're floating the check?

to really? Lexington, Kentucky, United States #583072

We use checks-lots of people use checks. This is how I keep my records for IRS.

I do have a debit card, but I use it online, gas pumps, ect. And yes, I do have the money. You must be young.

Not all things are done the way you do it. And they talk about older people being set in their ways!

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