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Went into Wal Mart to exchange a purchase and was told that because telecheck red flagged me for writing hot checks I wasnt allowed to exchange my CASH purchase for another CASH purchase ! WTF I went to my bank and was told what I already knew , I have NEVER written a hot check to anyone.

So I went back to Wal Mart and was told that they still would not do busness with me . Try to call telecheck and all options on the automated phone system tell you to go to the website to file a claim and that i will need notarized paprwork, but wait, Wal mart and telecheck reuse to give me any info.

No numbers , dates or amounts of any "bad checks" so that I can file any paperwork or claim .Still, how does that stop me from doing a cash exchange? SHAME ON WAL MART AND TELECHECK!

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Telecheck does not only look for bad checks written to walmart. Thousands of businesses use telecheck.

It could be a bad check written to payless shoes 15 years ago that was never taken care of.

One way to avoid this problem when making a return is to save your receipt. Most stores (especially walmart) don't ask for ID if you have the receipt.

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EXACTLY, I have never written a check to wal mart.That is partly my point!


Most people have advanced from the dark ages and now use debit cards or credit cards.


Yes, writing a check at a store is a very bad idea. If Telecheck doesn't flag you, there is a real risk of other problems with paper checks. Use a credit card.

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