New Haven, Connecticut

I have been shopping at the Stop in Shop in Milford CT for years. My checking account was recently changed from New Alliance Bank to First Niagara as the result of a bank merger. When I first wrote a check from the First Niagara account, even though my account number had not changed, Telecheck denied my check! I first went to my bank and they could find no reason for their doing so, since the acciunt number had not changed. Telecheck made what they called the " necessary changes" at their end and apologized profusely to me, saying this would never happen again. Then , on Sunday September 2nd, I again went to Stop and Shop- I had new First Niagara checks, and my account number is EXACTLY the same, yet, because the bank had added 3 additional zeroes in front of my account number, my check was AGAIN DENIED by Telecheck as the account was considered invalid. I again had to go home and call Telecheck and they had to add these 3 zeroes into their files so that this would not happen again. I also again called my bank who said there was NO REASON for the check to be denied!

I was embarassed both times with these denials- here I am in line, with a cart full of groceries, trying to check out, and the cashier says " We can't take your check" when I have plenty of funds in my account and all because these nimrods can't recognize that the account number is EXACTLY the same, just that 3 zeroes have been added!

I am due to go grocery shopping again this week, but if my check is denied again, that's the end of my relationship with Stop and Shop as well. I am so sick of this ***.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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There is a consumer class action against Telecheck in Tennessee for reasons similar to the one you mentioned. Hope someone helps you to resolve this issue once and for all. This is both embarrassing and frustrating.


I despise Telecheck, but I'm always surprised that people are still writing checks. Why don't you have a debit card?

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