Yukon, Oklahoma
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I went to a store that I visit every week and wrote a check for 35.00 and it was denied. I called the # on the denial code and was told that my check did not meet their periamters.

I kept asking why and they just kept babbleing nonsense. I have never bounced a check and had over 5,000 in my account. Someoneneeds to start a class action suit against them for discrimination.

They are deciding when and where I can spend my own money. They have no right to deny my check without evidence that it will not clear the bank.

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You have just taken the words out of my mouth. The lady told me that they "reccomend" to accept or decline on a check by check basis. I asked what happens when I go to check out at Walmart with a cart full of goods and have no clue, with a good account mind you, if my check will be processed!

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