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At the beginning of July, I wrote a $600 check (with plenty of money in my acct) at MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT and Telecheck rejected it. This is my 'big purchase and bill pay' account. I had to transfer the money to my debit card (my small purchases) account, and pay for it that way. Glad I have an app for my bank on my phone, but pure hassle.

When I called Telecheck, they said it was rejected because my account was not old enough. I've had it for 10 months, and always in good standing. Besides, I know they can tie it to the account I transferred the balance from, and that I had for over 30 years. I asked how long would I need to have an account for before they would take me off probationary status, and he said that wasn't the only reason, so I asked what else. He said a merchant could reject my check for any reason they wanted. I said that they would have no reason to unless TELECHECK gave them one. Again, I asked how to get past the probationary restriction, and he said I should write more checks at Telecheck vendors. I asked how I was supposed to do that if they were going to keep rejecting my checks, and he couldn't answer that.

Today, I wrote a $320 check at a Telecheck vendor, and their machine doesn't have a check printer, so it just gave them an error. This was where I got the $300 amount. Their office staff said I should try writing several checks in increments of $100, and I will do that the next time I come to a Telecheck shackled store.

A NOTE TO ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN REJECTED! You can't write checks to any other Telecheck shackled store for 3 or 4 days, until the rejection clears. They put some sort of flag or hold on your account.

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