I never heard of Telecheck until today. I don't usually write checks, from the checkbook I was using, in stores. Today I wrote 2. The first one, presented at Wal-Mart in Manville, was accepted. The second, presented at K-Mart in Somerset was denied. I didn't even know a check could be denied.

My purchase totalled approx. $240.00, I had $7000.00 in the account, I had all the proper identification, but it was no good. I was furious. I called Telecheck, while still standing at the checkout, in order to rectify the problem. Afer much hassle and much waiting I finally reached a real person.

She explained that my check had been denied because my check numbers were out of sequence. That's right. Somehow I had accidentally skipped a check, and went back to it today. My check was denied because I had written out check # 1404 AFTER I had written check # 1407, and that put the transaction at high risk for fraud. I explained that there was no fraud, it was my account, in my name, with plenty of money in it, and that I had the proper photo ID, so how could there be a fraud? Unbelievable.

I asked that the next check that I write be approved, because I had a basket full of merchandise that I needed to pay for, and she couldn't guarantee that the 2nd one would be accepted – and it wasn't! Unfortunately it is a holiday weekend so I have to be patient, but I can't wait to get to my bank on Tuesday and see what they have to say about this. I will be requesting a debit card for this account to use in the future, and I will be advising retailers from now on that when they say "Yes, we accept checks", that they should also add "IF Telecheck decides to approve it, but you won't know whether they will or won't until after you've done all your shopping."

From what I've read online in just the past ½ hour, I realize that this is becoming a common problem with Telecheck. There are tons of complaints about them. It's just another case of yet another company/agency playing God with people's lives and people's reputations. Unfortunately, I'm sure things will only get worse.

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Utica, New York, United States #1309238

I know what your going threw the same thing happened to me and my husband for no reason at Walmart.Boy is it embasserring people in line give you dirty looks everything.

You get the run around with them even though its not your fault at all.

They told us someone has same identy as either me or my husband. they woulden,t tell you who and if this person stole from are account.

They diden,t I think it was just a excuse to do this I got a code 4 which means that you have a history of writing bad checks.which I don,t Ifound out on line what a code 4 is and this is such bull *** it should be against the law.


I have had a similar ocurrance with telecheck.I would like to find a store that does NOT use them...and I would shop there.

They are a company that charges large sums of money to their clients and all they do is upset the customer. I am a business owner and I would never use a company that does business like telecheck.

We can only hope that companies like Walmart, will stop using them...but it is doubtful....when a company is that big, it is too convenient to throw banking issues to another company.


This has happen to me twice in the past few months.The first time they said it was my info with them was not up to date so they updated so says and this time it was because I was purchasing more on the amount of check than I usually do.

This is so untrue it is ridiculous. The first time my debit card was even not accepted and not because I did have money but because merchant did it. I had called my bank and this is what they told me.

I really don't know what's going on, but they are not giving sufficient reasons to me for doing this.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #938313

I had same problem very embarrassing when your in line have a whole cart full and my check was denied in front of people in back of me in line it sucks

Dallas, Texas, United States #685780

Least they r better than Certegy .

Certegy is assayed up check declining nightmare and everyone working there is from Bolivia or some screwed up company with robots reading scripts .Everything they begin a sentence with is " sorry for your inconvenient w" or " I u derstand" .

They r not sorry and they don't understand , so why give that *** out , like they have been to some salsas and customer service seminar , that needs an update . Telecheck is a little better , sti , protection for the customer is a lie , Walmart is the issue . Becuz they have fraud issues , they pass on to good customers . If I want to write my checks out of order , I can .

I did t hire them to monitory crep .My bank does that for me .'not robots from Bli is creating fraud mew sides for out of order check writing .

Benton, Arkansas, United States #610174

First time I've ever been denied of ANY financial transaction.Declined code 2 @ Wal-Mart, not sure how to take this.

BUT WON'T USE PLASTIC for Wal-Marts convenience. Told by telecheck that all my check writing would be monitored by them from now on if the company contracted them. I wrote a letter to Wal-Mart, let them know how you feel!(Don't jump on the associate they have no control over this). After I retired I worked @ Wal-Mart for 4 1/2 years and watched, listened and learned.

I know they take a lot of bad debt and I didn't say lose a lot of money, that's one thing Wal-Mart doesn't do.

Pennies make dollars.They lost $400 tonight, buy denying my check and a lot more in the future because I won't be humiliated again.


went to buy a 47" flat screen from sams as a birthday present for our teenage daughter.We wanted to pay with our check since sams doesn't accept visa check cards.

We didn't bring any mastercard or discover credit cards with us. So, the check got denied and I've never bounced a check, my credit is good and nothing negative like that has ever happened to me. Since I couldn't pay with a visa, we had to walk out of there like delinquents that got their check denied, had no other way of paying so they couldn't buy the big screen tv they brought up to the counter. We left the TV at the counter, it was ridiculous.

We ended up getting the tv a few days later from somewhere else. Sams just lost a good sized sale because of telecheck and for no good reason. It's frustrating and it was a waist of our time to shop there just to be told at checkout that our checks are bad. (when they shouldn't even be bad) It's bad enough that they don't take visa.

Not to mention my husbands boss happened to be close enough to experience the whole thing going down. It made him look irresponsible.

If there's a class action, i'm in too!!

Stores should realize the good and honest sales they are loosing because of telecheck and do away with them.(or at least make telecheck change their ways)


I was also at Walmart today and tried to write a check. Was denied asnd never could get anyone on the phone....I called 4 times... I have plenty of money in the bank and it is so embarrassing


I was also at Walmart today and tried to write a check. Was denied asnd never could get anyone on the phone....I called 4 times... I have plenty of money in the bank and it is so embarrassing


Someone stole our checking account number.We did everything Telecheck required...filed Police Report....sent them a copy....sent them copies of all fraudulent checks written on our account and filed Forgery Affidavit with them.

After about 2 weeks, they said everything they required had been met. Now. 3 weeks later, I am still having checks denied. Everytime I call, someone in a robotic, monotone voice answers and says EACH CHECK is evaluated individually and each time, they give a different reason for why it was denied.

I have even written a letter to the President of the company....no results. One of the robotic people told me this could go on indefinitely. Are any of you interested in filing a class-action lawsuit against them?

I am at my wit's end.I don't know what else to do.

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