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Within the past week, Telecheck denied accepting checks on my account at a Sams location and at a Wal-Mart. I have never had a bounced check in my life and am a retired law enforcement officer.

I contacted the number provided and was told during the first call that Telecheck "suspected" that my checking account was in some way connected with another account at another bank. After explanning that I had no contact with that bank, the supervisor, advised they would immediately clear the record. Imagine my surprise on the following week when a check written at the Sam's location was declined. Again, I called and after going through three separate "?" and explaining repeatedly the situation I was told the same reason for the denial.

I then talked to Supervisor Nathan who was, as were all the employees, so very nice but none would tell me why they insisted on denying my checks. I also had spoken to my bank as well as the bank where the "suspected" connection was supposed to be and neither bank had any idea nor had either been contacted about the so called problem. After spending over one hour on the last call, Supervisor Nathan finally told me they needed more information although they had already obtained all my personal and banking information. Nathan now wanted me to send him copies of my identification documents, etc.

I refused since obviously this company has the contacts to verify the information they already had. Nathan finally told me he could do nothing and said I could pursue it by calling back the following morning to telephone number 1 800 366 2525, asking for a supervisor and then asking to speak to someone in the Office of the President. I have no idea if this will work or is just more "run around". I believe this action by Telecheck is in violation of various consumer protection laws in various states.

Since Telecheck is in Houston, Tx., I plan on writing to the Attorney General of that state. If anyone has any idea please pass it on to the hundreds which Telecheck appears to have treated unjustly.

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I know of no consumer protection laws that require a store to take your check for payment. I do not take checks at my store so that I do NOT have to hire Telecheck.

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a credit card (best) or a debit card? No Attorney General is going to be interested, and neither is Telecheck

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