Los Angeles, California
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Went to pay for services at local auto dealership with a personal check. TeleCheck denied transaction.

Transaction was denied because of no historical records in their database with my checking account number. Made me very angry I was there to pick up my vehicle with a valid means of payment and had to use my credit card instead. When I called they said the transaction was high risk because they had no record of doing business with my account number. They required a great deal of personal information about me before even hearing my complaint.

Then they did not answer why the transaction was denied to my satisfaction.

I will complain to Consumer Resolution Center Attention President, 6th floor, PO Box 4514, Houston, Tx 77210-5414.

Monetary Loss: $396.

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Denied for no apparent reason for 2 days in a row. Now I have to wait 6 days before writing anymore checks if they use telecheck system.

Tough way to run a business. Total ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My daughter went to a medical office appt yesterday and presented a check from a 20 year old PLATINUM level checking account that belongs to my husband and me. This is the same method of payment we have used for over 2 years.

By mistake, when the receptionist asked for a DL, without thinking she gave hers. They typed in the numbers and it was denied. She called to get my DL number, we thought that would correct the problem and be fine. WRONG!

The acct was blocked and it would not accept either my husband or my DL #'s. When I called Telecheck this AM, they informed me that this was our problem and our account would be blocked until we provided multiple documentation to prove that this was our account...does this make sense to anyone??

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