Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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On three occasions in a four-day period, merchants that I shop at told me my check was denied. All three use TeleCheck as their approval system.

After the first denied check I contacted my bank, just to make sure my account did not get hacked. Bank verified that my account was in good health and that as we were speaking on the phone checks were clearing the account. Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which was forwarded to TeleCheck. Very quickly I received a call from a TeleCheck Customer Service Representative so that she could explain that my first check was denied because it was out of sequence from the last check they saw in their system.

Really??? Of course it is out of sequence, not everywhere I write a check uses this antiquated system to verify a check. It will be difficult for me until I get into a new routine but the three stores using TeleCheck that denied my checks (WalMart, Dunhams, and ***'s Sporting Goods) will not get any more of my business.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars in each of those stores in the last twelve months and for me to be embarrassed after the person in front of me at WalMart used an ACCESS CARD to pay for their purchase while I was denied because I wanted to use the money I earned at my job!!!! I know that my not supporting these stores won't hurt their bloated bottom line, but it has to start somewhere!

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Hey, helpful hint for all *** consumers: stop using checks. They are annoying and cumbersome and we all SIGH internally when you start filling one out. We all hate you people who will not accept that checks are dead.

Akron, Ohio, United States #575469

Merchants who continue to use TeleCheck need to hear these complaints!! They choose to use this random and useless service to discourage customers.

I also wonder if Merchants sometimes use this service to deny the use of checks and talk people into a credit card account with their store?? Don't allow yourself to be sucked into this. Take the time to speak to a manager and leave the store.

There are many complaints here regarding this service ( I use the term loosely), yet they change nothing. Thank you for taking the time to post.

Sacramento, California, United States #574969

I had a similar horrible experience because of TELECHECK and felt compelled to make a video about it. If you'd like to see it, type in "Telecheck Discriminates" on the search bar at the youtube site.




Just because you're angry doesn't give you the right to think you're better than someone else who has to use assistance to make purchases. That comment was not necessary.

Some people fall on hard times or become ill and simply cannot work. Empathize, don't be pathetic! You come across as an entitled brat when you make snide remarks and don't know a situation.

That being said, stop complaining about the stores. It's TELECHECK to blame.

Grow up!

I'm sure they won't miss your business, and I'm sure you'll still feel entitled. Get a grip.


It isn't the fault of the stores that your checks were denied.

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