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@diane, you are incorrect. I have over 3500.00 in my bank account and tried to make a large purchase at Best Buy.

I knew that my daily debit card limit is 1400.00 so I chose to write a check for my purchase. Telecheck denied my purchase because they "do not have any checkwriting history on me" per their computerized message. Obviously I have no hot checks or they would have a check writing history on me. I work in the hot check department of the DA's office in the county in which I live.

If I had hot checks, I would not have a job. Telecheck is a scam that society has bought into for the last 40 years and the people that own telecheck are making a bundle. With today's technology, each debit/check should be verified by the merchant using a service that immediately accesses the persons account to make sure they have money to cover the purchase.

Telecheck does not do this but people think that they do hence the scam. This experience was completely embarrassing and disappointing that society has found it acceptable to allow companies to deny access to a persons' own money.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Well I didn't really have any money in the account. I wrote them a bad check and they denied it, which is bs, I shouldn't have to pay for things I want. I was so angry that I went home and repeatedly hit my wife until she couldnt stand up.


Actually, it is really very simple. Telecheck uses their own methods to approve/reject checks and they do not care what others think. Bring cash next time or stay home.


If you read my statement, you would see that I said that a merchant could use a service. No I do not want a merchant to have direct access to my account but what a complete waste of resources and time Telecheck is when the technology exists to securely to do what I am saying. Don't be so simplistic


Yea, I'm sure you would want merchants to have any kind of access to your bank account whatsoever.

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