Lincoln, Nebraska

I have more than enough money in my account to pay for the check I gave daycare, but it was declined by TELECHECK with a code 4. When I finally got through to someone I couldnt understand they informed me that someone elses information had been added to my account and therefore lead to my check being declined.

But they were so nice that they took the unknown information off so my checks could be accepted in about 72 hours.

I will NEVER use a check that has anything to do with TELECHECK ever again. I am know totally freaked out that someones info was connected with my account.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I had the same results when I called. Not to mention that after entering all the information by push button - the rep.

said he had none of it on his screen. ????

So why use automated phone service. 2ndly - I don't believe what they told me.


As someone who has had my identity stolen, you might want to consider getting a credit report to make sure that someone isn't stealing your identity. PLEASE don't go to the "FREE" sites as they are never free. Just contact the companies themselves as you are allowed a free one every year.

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