Chattaroy, Washington

This is the first time I've ever been denied a check. There's plenty of money in the account.

I switched banks and have only had this account for a couple of months. The other account I'd had for 20 years. I was denied a check for $65.00 to Home Depot where I've been writting check for the last 10 years. It's embaressing and I can't get a straight answer from Telecheck other than my check doesn't fall within their parameters.

I've never had a check denied. If it keeps up I'll go somewhere else. How do you get history with them if they won't approve your check? I know it isn't based on your credit because we've got a credit score of 820 and a year ago bought a rental house.

Our other house is paid off. Plenty of money in the bank.

I'm pissed off at Telecheck.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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