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I went to a new Walgreen's in our town and Telecheck declined my check. I had plenty of money in my checking account, and I couldn't get a reasonable response from Walgreen's as to why it was declined.

I put the items through on my Debit Card, which comes from where? My checking account! Dummies. I asked them for the name and number of the "third party" company they use for their check services so I could call them.

I was totally embarrassed AND pissed that Telecheck did that to me and wanted an answer to my "Why?" question. Walgreen's gave me a pre-printed slip of paper with Telecheck's phone number on it......obviously Telecheck does this on a regular basis to people. When I called the number, I got a recording that asked me to enter the Record Number of the slip of paper Walgreen's gave me followed by the # key, the amount of my check number followed by the # key, my check number followed by the # key, all the numbers on the bottom of my check followed by the # key, the date of the check followed by the # key, and then asked me to enter it all again.....and again.....and again... It was an endless loop!!!!!!!!!

I never got to speak to anyone. Needless to say I was even more pissed at Telecheck. I tried calling Walgreen' manager available until Monday (it's Saturday). I tried called Walgreen's National Customer Service and they wanted to give me the same number for Telecheck tha I had just called.

They gave me another number for the National Headquarters, but of course, they aren't available until Monday either. I'm still pissed.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the name of this site when I typed in Telecheck. How appropriate.

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This is an update to my previous post on Telecheck's inept, life disrupting denials of perfectly good checks for reasons that remain unknown despite best efforts to obtain answers from them (see above). I have good news and bad news to share.

Telecheck embarrassed the h**** out of me by blocking my check at Walgreen's. Thanks to another "poster" on this site who provided a valid phone number for Telecheck, I finally got hold of a person, but like everyone else who has contacted them expecting a reasonable explanation for their action, I got nowhere. The bad news: They promised to mail an explanation to me that same day......I'm still waiting.

Now the good news: I was able to speak with a very personable, professional representative at Walgreen's main headquarters. She was very responsive and sensitive to my concerns regarding Telecheck's disrespectful treatment of their customers with excellent payment records. Telecheck's tactics will be discussed in their next Board Meeting. The bottom line: she contacted Telecheck and had them note in their file that I was a Preferred Walgreen's customer and they were to honor my checks. I haven't had a problem since......even writing more than one check in the same store.

My suggestion...take your complaint to the "top" of the stores you may wish to continue to frequent who use this disreputable "service" (Telecheck).

I'm still going to take other "posters'" advice and lodge a complaint against Telecheck with the FTC and the Better Business Bureau. They shouldn't be allowed to treat honest people the way they do.


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