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last wednesday, i was getting my car repaired, routine maintenance at the car dealer i bought my car from(atlantic auto mall).. seems simple enough. However, when it came time to pay, i wrote a check for 159.76, and the cashier said declined. Declined !?!? She shows me the receipt, and it shows the Telecheck name, and the words 'Denial Record', with a Code 3. Imagine that, I'm a code 3 !!!! Meanwhile, all of this is going on with the waiting area full of people. How,embarrassing. She shows me to a phone, and I call the 1-800 number for Telecheck. I follow the prompts, and finally get to a human being. All I can say about the person from Telecheck, is that she is a real ***. Rude, snotty, and a mouth on her.

Finally, a valet, who was going to drive me to the bank, shows me to the ATM machine that they actually have at Atlantic Auto Mall. Why the cashier did not point this out at the beginning, I have no idea. I take my cash out, got back to the cashier, pay my bill, and off I finally went.

I am very upset with Telecheck. They are abusive. And why a merchant would allow Telecheck to harrass their customers, is beyond me.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Newport News, Virginia, United States #755948

I concur. I had a bad experience with TeleCheck at K-mart.

My check was denied for about $27 dollars. I've been a customer of K-mart for over 30+ years and never had a problem with them. In steps TeleCheck and denied my check. I was given a number to call.

I took it to my banker. The banker called TeleCheck. Long story short, they were very evasive and rude. They would not give us their corporate name and wanted only to keep forwarding us to another number.

The banker had to goggle the system for a corporate name. We called and got the runaround. We checked the Better Business Bureau cite and only found complaints against TeleCheck. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

They refused to update their records and refused to tell us how we could rectify the situation, so that I would not have to go through that embarrassment again. TeleCheck's customers should know how their respective customers are being treated. If everyone stop buying from TeleCheck's customers, TeleCheck would be out of business. The problem is that I don't know TeleCheck's customers.

Does anyone out there know of some publish list that identifies who uses TeleCheck?

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #720274

I would also stop buying anything from that car dealer.

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