Gulfport, Mississippi

this is the second time telecheck has declined a check for me,today i went to autozone to buy two batteries and a couple of other things and telecheck declined my company check for $263.48. of course this being sunday no one would answer the phone -automated operators only-and my bank is closed so no way to solve the problem today.

this is the second time this has happened to me the first time about two years ago at walmart at night so it was the next day to solve the problem. i called the bank and we had a three way conference call with telecheck ,they blamed the bank for blocking the check which was not true. tell me why a company three states away can controll your personal checking or information by deciding if it looks suspicious and you havent bounced a check,and have plenty of money in your account to cover your check? just think of the thousands of dollars of lost revenue and spoiled produce when you are refused service because you tried to write a check and telecheck declined it .

well excuse me but telecheck charges a fee for their services and the honest consumer is the one who suffers? what if i was broke down late at night and tried to buy auto parts and telecheck declined me- what if it was a life or death situation then what ,of course they said on the phone we are sorry for the inconvenience but what of the embarrasement at the check out you know the cashier think you have no money or you lying!

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I too have had numerous problems regarding telecheck. It has cost the merchants the sale and me unnecessary and undeserved frustrastion.

You can not reach a live person to talk to. Where do and who do I need to call for assistance?


They are supposed to follow the laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Your state Attorney General can be helpful with situations like this and the Federal Trade Commission is the Federal Agency that regulates Telecheck. With the economy as bad as it is, it's a shame that you have to go through this to make a simple purchase.


While I agree that Telecheck sucks, and has ridiculous and arbitrary policies, I am also truly baffled why anyone writes checks these days. Why not use debit cards? So much easier.


Debit cards work at night and on Sundays.


i wrote this and was wondering who regulates or can put a stop to telechecks ***

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