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I wrote a check for $64.59 at SurValue grocery store, on 12/02/2011. My check was declined, there was more than enough in checking account to cover check, called when I got home and found they had flagged our account as a security risk. I went to another store, food Outlet, six days later to buy grocery, which each of these stores is Supervised by my son, purchased $168.72 and gave them a check, and it was declined. If my son had not been in the store I would have had to leave and cash a check and come back to get my groceries.

I went Christmas and stopped at Kmart, had $28.06 and the check was declined. I paid out of my pocket the amount, and called when I got home and they would not even listen to my complaint, just hung up on me.

I sent a complaint to the Ala. Attorney Generals office, but that will take for ever and now what do I do about buying the rest of my Christmas.

There has to be someone that can help us. This is a company trying to control, when, how much and how often we can spend out money. We need to get a Class Action Suit against this company.

My husband and I live in Dothan, Alabama.

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i had never wrote a check til this weekend and when i did it was at family dollar for 29.60.telecheck would not let it go and it was a line full of people.the store supervision goes loud you have a bad check cause telecheck dont i called my bank and put it on speak phone and let him hear my balance he goes thats more then i make in a month i am sorry it is just i talk to my bank and they tell me that so many people are using prepaid cards now because of the problems with telecheck.


I tried to make a purchase at Best Buy and was declined even though I had the money in my account. I ended up buying elsewhere with my husbands debit card (mine won't read because of scratches & I won't pay the $25 for a new card).

The customer in front of me was also denied. Best Buy lost over $100 in good sales as did Dollar Tree. I think if retailers figure out how much in good sales they are losing they might start examining Telecheck more closely. Also calling Telecheck was pretty well useless.

The rep would only tell me future presentations would be evaluated for risk. I have no idea if this will continue or not even though she said my info was updated with them and there were no bad checks on record.


I think anyone with a beef against TeleCheck should contact the Federal Trade Commission and complain, then send an info copy to their Congressman or a Senator. If enough gripes start stacking up someone will follow through.


the solution to buying the rest of your christmas gifts is to go to your bank and pull out some cash. If you have money in their to cover a check than you can certainly pull out that amount in cash.

Or maybe you should look at getting a debit card which would be better than having to worry about if someone will take your check and comes straight out of your bank account as well. Checks are on their way out and you'll be lucky if most places even continue taking them in the following years.


No, I doubt that class action will help much either. Get a credit card or a debit card.

Using checks is very risky in today's banking world, anyway. Telecheck does not answer to anyone, so good luck getting them to improve.

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