Fort Washington, Maryland
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TeleCheck has stated through an 'automated' message that there are no other 'negative' reasons for them to 'decline' my check other than the reason given..."fell outside of TeleCheck's risk guidelines". What does that mean ?

I have attempted to research their reasoning to no avail.

And, I will not give up until I receive a plausible explanation. I merely wished to make a purchase at 'Best Buy' one of my favorite electronics suply stores, until now...If Best Buy continues to utilize TeleCheck as a check clearing house, I will definitely shop somewhere else for my large consumer electronics needs.

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Rockford, Illinois, United States #764108

I was so embarrassed, my check was declined at Walgreen by Telecheck, because it was outside of their risk guidelines. I had lost my debit card so I cancelled it; but my bank said I could use my checks.

I had no other form of payment on Christmas Eve! I had written a check at Walgreen before-no problem.

I even tried TJ Maxx to no avail. What are these, "guidelines?"

Driver Bob

Same situation with me. Ony mine was just declined at Best Buy because Telecheck declined another check of mine (for NO reason) within the last 6 days. Called Best Buy and told them that I will not be shopping there as long as they use telecheck.


Telecheck gave me the same answer "this activity falls outside of risk guidelines." I asked them what that meant and the guy just kept repeating that same phrase. I have written many checks on this account including just the day before with NO problems.

Luckily, my husband had his business bank card with him as I didn't have mine. I am disgusted with Telecheck and am going to start avoiding businesses that use them if I can.


Amazing how when you call TeleCheck to inquire why they turned your check down, all you get is a repetition of a standard response with no offer on how to rectify the issue. I was turned down on an account because it fell outside of their risk guidelines.

I was told it was the 1st time I wrote a check to that vendor, it was a high amount and it had nothing to do with my credit or past activity. Itried to explain that this was the 1st check written because my son just enrolled at that school and the amount was high because it was the full amount for the tuition.

So now I lost the discount for paying early and now have to pay my bank to either get a bank check or certify the one I wrote. This company has you between a rock & hard spot and doesn't care about the consumer.

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