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I have a bank account with plenty of money which I use for one specific purpose. It is an account I have had open for more than a year. When I shop at certain stores (one in particular) my checks are denied by telecheck, inconveniencing the merchant, me and other customers behind me. I have never been given a logical clear reason. After going through the difficult process of calling the number on the little piece of paper given me by the merchant, it was suggested by the telecheck customer support agent that I establish a spending profile by shopping more often at several other stores she recommended.

This is a suggestion I find unethical at best and probably illegal if they have a business relationship with these other companies.

Even though on six different occasions my checks have been okayed by the store managers, it has had no positive effect with telecheck. They still deny my checks.

It is unclear what their criteria is for approving or disapproving any given check. They have no access to the balance of anyones account.

For the record, I have good credit and no checks have bounced.

Is there any recourse possible?

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My cell phone company and Wall mart have REFUSED to accept my checks after having had accepted them for many years. My credit is fine..........TELECHECK is trying to rip off the USA consumer and the Wall Mart and other USA companies are helping them do it.

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