Dallas, Texas

I opened my business on June 1, 2011 and have written approx 45 checks since opening. Today, June 22, 2011, I wrote a check for $9.23 and Sam's Club would not accept the check because it was "denied" by Telecheck (CODE 3).

When I called Telecheck I was told that, even though I had adequate funds in my checking account, my account showed an unusually high number of checks written in the past two weeks, and this causes a warning indicator in their system; therefore the check was denied. After several discussions we reached an impasse ... I wanted assurance my future checks would NOT be declined by Telecheck; their response was to write another check, and if declined, to call them.

I do not feel Telecheck has the right to control how I spend my money to run my business.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Was declined at Wally World for my groceries 121.00. Code 3.

Didnt want to keep others waiting so I pulled out the cash and paid as I always keep some cash on me for just this kind of *** Although I was a little embarrased I smiled and went on my way. I shop for groceries every sunday for past 25 years,and write a check . Thought it was covered at the bank. Went home, checked balance and showed plenty.

Called telecheck. They told me it never even registered as declined in thier system. I read them the little ransom note that the poor clerk handed to me.

The rep just kept reading from a script. And of aplogised and told me I could run it again...sure.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1160898

My check was rejected because the check written the day before had not cleared. My bank told me that it can't clear till they deposit it, which they had not done yet.

My bank said we were in good standings. Have never written a bad check and yet TeleCheck can flag me?

My husband was not able to get the associate to give him a supervisor, "they were all busy".

So almost all stores use TeleCheck.

Amazon uses TeleCheck. Could not buy anything over the weekend without using a credit card which is not how we want to pay.

We've now been cleared, the check went through. I am, however, not over being mad.

This can repeat itself. The only way to prevent it is to use cash or credit card.


time for a class action against telecheck. Have to hit them in their pocket big time

Homewood, Illinois, United States #816522

I also was declined. Not for writing bad checks but because I posed a fraud risk.

I've written several checks in the past to the same vendor with no fault but today, voila!! Today a $100 check was declined.

Spokane, Washington, United States #772103

My debt card was compromised and quickly deactivated. But I guess that's what thus checkbook thingy is for, right?

Code 3 no account history. How, then, do I build a history?

Catch 22. (long list of the worst curse words) you telecheck.

I was denied at the local urgent care center!

:eek :upset :sigh :? :cry :( :x :x

Dallas, Texas, United States #743762

telecheck customer service did not know what the *** they were doing when answering the phone calls. It is horrible biz...


I think some one should start a web page or blog with the intention of starting a class action lawsuit

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #644344

I wrote a check for 1 dollar today and they denied it.. What the *** :x


:( So Telecheck denied our "Good" check yesterday. Not once but twice.

And today, while I am fuming and mad as heck, I called. I should have waited till I calmed down a bit. However, the associate, who was not american was very nice. But I wasn't.

After arguing and going back and fourth about "our" check writing history, I opened my online bank account and bluntly read off each and every check written on our account, to him. Which btw was only to the place we were rejected from. I said to him who the *** does TC think they are assuming they know what kind of pattern of check writing I should have? And I said to him, if one more check gets declined we were going straight to our lawyers office.

I gave him no other chance to speak. I went off on him. While I also said I was recording this call ( I wasn't) I demanded his full name and operator number. He assured me that all he needed to do was update our account, and remove the flag.

I assured him if this happened again, he would have a huge lawsuit for defamation of character and I would sue his/company's pants off and I meant what I was talking about. I told him, PLAY WITH ME. I said I so what you to mess with me. I told him I knew about the Class action lawsuit against them in TN and I was six blocks from the TN state line and I would definitely join in ASAP!

I told him, you work for them, you do not own that company, so fix this and fix it now! He told me he fixed it and apologetic on behalf of telecheck. I said I do not forgive you for this wrongful act. But fixing it would end my anger problem.

Then I said stop shivering in your seat, hang up and have a coke. Now for anyone else going thru this same thing, take my advice, GET PISSED

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #589179

I was attempting to pay my phone bill (01/02/13) with Sprint using their automated system. Usually, I do cash at a store kiosk or debit - but this time my money is coming from my savings.

My account is in good standing and has been opened for years, but Telecheck flagged it with a code 3!!!! The first rep at 877-678-5898 told me that it could be EASILY REMOVED but after speaking to someone at 888-288-0131, they told me it can't.

Now, I have to wait 7 days for the flag to clear.... What the *** kind of business are they running??


I had the same problem as you all today 11-12-12. Is there anything We can do about this or are we all just SOL?


I was at Walmart on 9/12/12 and recieved the same error and declined check! My debit card was "compromised" by my bank and thus I have been writting checks until my new card arrives.

I was pissed when checking out at wamart that my check was denied for the same reasons...too many checks written, the amount of the check (which was $300.00, but its my money!!)!! I am thinking that anyone who uses telecheck, will not recieving checks from me any time soon!!


Like many who have wriiten, I went to Walmart yeaterday 9/2/2012 and attempted to make a purchase. I first gave them my debit, but had forgotten that the card was expired.

I also had my check book, and gave them the check. I got a code 3 and called. I was told there were "too many" transactions on the account. I found this odd as I had not utilized the account, in a while, due to having another primary account.

I had to return home and utilize my credit card which will be paid as soon as it post. I was livid and still am, as there were plenty of funds in the account to cover the amount of the purchase.


Same here! Telecheck is a crock of *** I won't bore you with details because it's nothing that hasn't already been said.


Telecheck Agent. I have written several checks at a place where I even have to stamp my finger print plus my ID. What kind of danger am I presenting to the merchant when the merchant who knows me was even surprised when I was declined, Speaking about your customer service; the merchant called telecheck for me and asked for a supervisor, once she came to the phone she provided no help at all, in fact she was like a *** rep and didn't bother to even look for my records and sounded annoyed, she repeated what the actual customer rep said.


Went to Walmart today to purchase some items for my business. I don't write alot of checks on my business account, as most of my purchases are online.

So I write my check and low and behold it was declined by Telecheck, so freaking embarrassing! I got reason code 3. I make my purchase using me personal debit card - which makes things difficult when doing my business accounting -anyways I get home and call Telecheck and it was denied because they didn't have enough history for this particular account. No negative information on me, just simply not enough for my business account.

Who does Telecheck think they are denying my check for no reason? My business account has been open for over 3 years and this is the first time this has ever happened. Then when you ask if you are going to be declined again - they simply say well try writing another check, if your declined give us another call.

Bunch of BS!! :(


Same *** situation as all of you have listed above. Walmart...writing a check because my debit card was damaged.

Code 3.

YAY *** holiday weekend and I dont have a *** grill to cook on cause they decided I was a risk because in the 20 years I have had a checking account I wrote maybe 10 checks? (First time I was ever penalized for paying my bills on line)


to the telecheck agent just to let u know that i wrote a check for 47.90 and they still decined my check now that a low amount cuz that what the agent at customer service told me to do cuz last check was 221.00 and that was too high and it also was declined that is crazy so you need to understand people here are mad when they know they got the funds in their account and want to buy something and they cant because a system tell them no it their money and they can spent how they like


Its Easter Sunday and my husband and I decided to cook on the grille since we were alone for the day. The local store was closed for the holiday so i went 6 miles south to another gas station & meat market to get something to cook out.

I asked ahead of time if they took checks or debit cards and she said both. I would rather write the check as its easier to catch their mistakes. got to the check out in front of I dont know how many people and my check was denied a code 3. Knowing I had just deposited my husbands paycheck the day before and that I write several checks a day in my town I was totally pissed.

Called the number and they said I was high risk??????? To end the transaction I handed her my Debit card on the same account and it went through with out a problem. Needless to say all these people are doing is humiliating people.

I will not go to a store that uses tele-check anymore if i know it ahead of time. :(


Same here! I tried twice to send money online via Walmart money gram.

You must you your checking account to do so. I have had over $50,000 go in and out of that account since August when I opened it. They could not give me a reason as to why my 'check' was declined other than it was there 'risk' system. No problem.

They say to call them after 7 days and try again. Never in a million years. I will NEVER use that service and will not step foot in Walmart ever again.

I am investigating what recourse I have. There must be something I can do!

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