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On Feb. 1 I went into my local RiteAid drug store when I got to the counter to pay for my things I realized I didn't have my debit card ( wish I had ) so instead I wrote a check.

The next day that check was returned unpaid by my bank...found out later that my Husband had used the debit card and not subtracted it from the account.

All well and good, it's my fault the check bounced I know that, BUT on the 10th of Feb. the check was again presented to my bank and was paid.

Today I checked my bank account on line ( which I do every day, since having a family member who was a victum of identity theft ) and there's an ACH debit from RiteAid for $30....two weeks after the check was paid.

I'm not sure but I'm thinking this maybe telecheck taking a fee for the check that was returned.

Okay, so they charge a fee but they if they were going to charge a fee for the returned check why didn't they do it on the 2nd when the check was returned or on the 10th when the check was paid, why wait 2 weeks and out of the blue charge me $30?

Can they do that without at least letting you know they're going to do this?

My bank says I may be able to dispute the charge, but something tells me Telecheck will fight me all the way.

I guess I'm just asking what my options are here.


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Something similar happened to me. Someone stole my debit card number and drained all assets from my checking account.

I hardly use checks; however I had an automatic withdrawal setup with my cell phone carrier for my monthly payment. Long story short in the 3 days my account was drained (before my credit union restored my money) the draft was presented and returned because of insufficient funds. The draft was represented a couple days later and honored by my credit union. About 2 weeks later I received a $40 draft from what appeared to be my cell phone carrier.

I called the cell carrier and they had no record of the fee and recommended I contact telecheck. I contacted telecheck and they confirmed they charged the fee. The only option I was told I can do is get my credit union to fax a letter saying it was bank error and they would consider refunding the fee. Very cumbersome.

I understand telecheck can charge a returned check fee for checks left unpaid because they have to spend time and money collecting the unpaid check. However, I disagree with them charging a fee for a check that was represented by them and paid. They are already paid a fee by the merchant for check processing at the time the check or draft was presented for the risk of ensuring the check. I'm not sure the fee for a check that they represented to the bank and was subsequently paid is legal.

Is this happening to a lot of people. I would like to know to see if a class action law suit may be in order and/or more bank fee regulations.


I just left Best Buy totally embarrased because Telecheck denied my check. I even called my bank from the store, however the cashier was unwilling to accept their word.

Best Buy couldn't even provide a telephone number to speak with a live person at Telecheck. Thank you for this site.

I was able to find an accurate telephone number 800-533-2425. Found my debit card, but I think I'll use it at another store tomorrow and spend ^600 elsewhere!



My aren't you unfriendly?

You don't have to answer that, I already know you are!

I don't think you read my post at all, in fact I think you may work for Telecheck.

I WAS NOT asking about how long it took them to cash the check, I was simply asking if anyone knew why it would take them that may weeks to take out the fee.

I DID NOT go on a shopping spree, and don't call me a thief you ***!

IF you would have read the post, or understood it you would have seen that my Husband forgot to subtract something from the was never my intention to steal something and I DID NOT GO OUT and spend the money, THEY submitted it again 10 days later and it was PAID!!!!!!!!....guess you somehow missed that part.

BELIEVE me there is money in the account and they got their $30 fee.

Seems you've NEVER made a mistake, well GOODY for you.


You wrote a check, and you should know by now that when you write a check - the person or business you write it to is NOT required to cash it within any reasonable time frame. If they want to wait 2 months, that's just fine. This is why ALL checkbooks come with check registers so you can track the difference between the checks you've written and the amount remaining in your account.

YOU are responsible to know how much you have written checks for and how much you will have left after they are cashed. YOU are required to not spend the money that you wrote a check for, and if you hadn't, you wouldn't have a returned check.

And of course they will charge you $30, they had to cover your shopping spree that you had no intention of actually paying for, since you obviously went right out and spent the money that would have backed up the check.

This is your fault. You failed. Ever heard the term "balance a checkbook", yeah, that's exactly what you were NOT doing.


$30 seems about normal for a return check fee, so I would forget it. The timing is not important, since red tape, no doubt, slows Telecheck, and RiteAid.

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